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Top Reasons Why Next Gen Specs Do Not Need To Match Top End PCs

One of the hottest topics around the web since the unveiling of the next generation consoles, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, is how underpowered they are compared to past console generations. Both consoles use a low powered 8-core x86 CPU and a DX11 capable GPU both from AMD. Generally speaking, the CPU is of the type that one would find in a tablet or low powered laptop and is said to be about as powerful as an IvyBridge Intel core i3. The GPUs are relatively powerful with the PS4 GPU on paper sitting in between the AMD 7850 and 7870XT cards and the XB1's GPU sitting somewhere between the 7790 and the 7770. However, when you consider that the fastest GPU made by AMD, the 7970Ghz, is roughly 2x as powerful and that the fastest single GPU on the market today, the Nvidia Geforce Titan, is well over 2x as powerful then you can see how the raw specs of the next generation systems are far from state-of-the-art.

While many enthusiast gamers may scoff at the idea of next generation sys…

Why The 1080p/60fps Dream May Never Be Realized

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If you scour the gaming media, magazines, Internet forums and blogs from the past year or so, you will see countless discussions about whether or not the next generation of gaming delivered by the PS4 and Xbox One will reach the 1080p/60fps "holy grail" for delivering what many feel is the optimal quality experience available today. It's a discussion that has really been going on since the advent of the current generation of consoles: the PS3 and Xbox360 which both promised to deliver "full HD" (i.e 1080p) graphics. Unfortunately, only a relative handful of titles were ever released in the 8 years that delivered on that promise and that trend may continue well into the next generation of consoles. Let me explain why.
Understanding 1080p 1080p is an HD resolution standard meaning 1920 x 1080 (2 million) pixels on the screen. In 2005 when the Xbox360 was released, 1080p was seen as a luxury that not many p…

Top 10 Things Sony Can Do To Blow Us Away At E3 2013

With Sony and Microsoft unveiling their next generation consoles and Nintendo seeking to have a full coming out party for its new Wii U console, this year's E3 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in a long time. There will likely be an overwhelming amount of gaming news, technology, and titles announced at the show that will ultimately shape the next few years of the gaming industry. After it's PlayStation meeting on Feb 20th where Sony officially announced the PS4, Sony has now gotten the industry's attention and anticipation is sky high for what the next Playstation console will really bring to the industry. Will it be a revolution similar to what the original PlayStation did for the industry back in 1995? Or will it just be an incremental step forward? We will find out over the next 8 months or so but E3 2013 is a chance for Sony to really reclaim the hearts and minds of gamers at large. Momentum seems to be with Sony already and with E3 they can really solidi…

Could Sony Be Moving To A Two-Tier Console Model Next-Gen?

With all the supposed "leaks" over the last few weeks and Sony announcing the February 20th Playstation meeting teasing "The Future Of Playstation", it seems like 2013 is finally the year that gaming takes the next leap. Anticipation is high and gaming forums are ablaze discussing the alleged specs for the next Xbox (codenamed: Durango) and the next Playstation (codenamed: Orbis). This year represents the 8th year for the Xbox360 and the 7th year for the PS3 which is unusually long compared to past generations lasting ~4-5 years. Most people would expect that the advent of the next generation simultaneously means the decline of the current generation. However, I believe that we will see a fundamentally shift in business strategies from Sony (and likely Microsoft as well) that will go against that trend allowing the older system to continue to thrive long after their successors are released.
     Let's remember a few things. First, Sony is already spreadin…