State of Ray Tracing (Part 2): Real World Examples...Is it A Game Changer?

Check out part 2 of my series on Ray Tracing in video games. Do you want to see what ray tracing looks like in action and learn more about the various ray tracing features used in games today? Come take a look but ask yourself...Is the difference really worth it? Give me your feedback! I really want to know...😉

Ultimate Jam Session: Anthem AVM 90 + Paradigm Reference + Parasound Halo!!

Amazing listening sessions with my new Anthem AVM90, Paradigm Reference Studio, and Parasound Halo A21 amp!

New PlayStation Plus Service Examined: Is It The Xbox GamePass Killer?

In this video, I will examine and breakdown Sony's new PlayStation Plus service which is set to debut in Asia regions next week and the US on June 13th. I'll go into each of the 3 tiers: Essentials, Extra, and Premium and how it compares to Xbox GamePass versions. Sony is a bit late to the table here with this, but the initial game list at least show that the service does offer some value. Get ready for war folks 😉

A PlayStation Gamer's Perspective on The Microsoft Activison Buyout

Microsoft dropped a bombshell last week by announcing that they intend to buy Activision Blizzard for a whopping $68.7B! In one fell swoop, Microsoft increases it's studio count to over 30 and will now own the #1 selling game on PlayStation every year: Call of Duty. This type of news is once in a generation and the impact to this can fundamentally change gaming as we know it. Is this the continuation of massive consolidation in gaming? What does this mean for PlayStation going forward? Come check out my video as I dig in!

Home Theater Story: Do Subwoofer Cables Really Matter?

Home Theater Story: Do Subwoofer Cables Really Matter? When building out a world class audio system, is it worth investing in high end cables? The verdict is decidedly split on that one with some saying cables don't make any difference and other proclaiming that a high end system requires similarly high end audio cables. For much of the past 3 years, I've been wracking my brain around a perceiving deficiency of bass coming from one of my dual subwoofers. The overall response did not seem as even as it should from 2 subs. After trying just about everything to try and fix the problem, it occurred to me that the only remaining difference between the 2 subs was the RCA cable used to connect back to my preamp. Could that really be the source of my problem? Can cables make a difference on the perceived sound of my subwoofers. Check out the video to get the full story and find out the answer!

PS5 And Xbox Series X Performance: Best Ever For a New Console Generation??

New content alert for my TrutechnoGamer channel! Come here me discuss why the performance of the latest new generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series, should be celebrated and why it feels so good to move beyond the PS4 and Xbox One! High end PC gaming experience for a fraction of the cost? Hmmm...