[RANT] Why It's Not Anti-Consumer For Sony To Exclude PS4 Controllers on...

Are people really suggesting that Sony is wrong and anti-consumer by not allowing PS4 controllers to work on PS5 to play PS5 games?! That is how every console generation has functioned for the past 40+ years. Allow me to break down why that expectation is ridiculous:

As many have said this is how virtually every previous console generation has gone. New console -> new games -> new controller. Even when a controller change may be as simple as adding a button or two, it still was a requirement for playing the new games on the consoleSony is still allowing PS4 games to be played on PS5 with the DualShock4 controller. The PS4 controller and all it's games were designed with those specific capabilities in mind. It makes sense that since the PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games, that you can use the older controller if you choose. If THIS was not the case, I can somewhat see people complaining here about the strategy being "anti-consumer" and such (i.e if Sony…

Real Talk: Gaming Hardware Is About Maximizing Efficiency Not TFLOPs

The discussion on which next gen console is more "powerful" has been heating up lately with most believing the Xbox Series X to be more powerful solely on higher spec counts in certain categories. Yet some folks counter that with how the custom hardware in PS5 will alleviate some of it's relative performance deficit and the difference will be minimal.

Before I proceed, let's really think about what we mean by "powerful" in this context because it could mean several different things. People tend to just toss that number around and say "system X has more TFLOPs so it's more powerful" or "System Y can run at higher framerates so it's more powerful". It is an important distinction in the context of the next generation consoles since both system have advantages in different areas.

For this discussion, I want to focus on actual game performance as the goal. Meaning which system can actually process the most data in the shortest amount o…

Next Gen Hype: PS5 Reveal Impressions

Next Gen is finally here. Sony held a great PS5 reveal event last week showing 27 games and the final PS5 hardware design! It was very exciting and I will share my thoughts on the presentation. Please check out the video and the reveal event if you haven't already!

Is the PS5 GPU Really Underpowered - What Can We Really Expect

How many people believe that Sony under delivered with the PS5's graphical capabilities based on the 10.3 TFLOP metric? Do you subscribe to the notion that the PS5's GPU is nothing more than a RX 5700/XT card or that it's only on par with midrange GPUs today?

This post is about providing real data and educated estimations to dispel the notion that the PS5 GPU is only a "midrange" GPU that is not on par with today's top tier commercial GPUs. Indeed, looking at the TFLOP number in isolation is indeed very misleading and the truth about the actual performance of the GPU points paints a very different picture. I know many of you don't know me but I can say that I am not just pulling this info from nowhere. I have over 15 years experience working in gaming and have spent nearly 5 years of my career doing critical analysis of GPU performance. Take it for what it is.

Before I begin, a full disclaimer: this post is not about a comparison to or commentary on the Xbo…

Xbox Series X Graphics Explained - What To Really Expect From 12 TFLOPS

If you are wondering what level of graphics performance we will get from the next generation consoles, then wonder no more. Prepare to have your mind blown as I meticulously break down how to compute the performance of the Xbox Series X using actual real world data from the game performance of existing GPUs from AMD and Nvidia. Hint: If you have a pulse and love video games at all, then the performance will be extremely exciting! You'll be able to look back and say you heard it here first! This video is the last of the series on next gen graphics so be sure to check out the full playlist to get the full story. What are you waiting for?!

AMD Navi GPU Impressions: Did AMD Deliver The Next Gen Goods?

Come check out my latest video on AMD next generation graphics processors called "Navi". The RDNA architecture it uses promised to deliver an unprecedented level of gaming performance and is the first truly new architecture from AMD in nearly a decade. This technology will not only power the next generation of AMD GPUs on PC but is also the underlying graphics technology powering both next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. How has it improved over their previous generation architecture called GCN? How do the latest AMD GPUs stack up to Nvidia's latest cards? Will AMD finally put up a fight against Nvidia's juggernaut in the GPU segment? If you are into gaming hardware technology at all and want to know more about what to expect from the graphics in our future games, this is one you don't want to miss!