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Will An Amplifier Improve The Sound Quality In Your Home Theater?

What's up everyone? Yes, Idealty has risen from the dead and I am back for a series of posts discussing some pressing things on mind. First up, after recently going through the trials of upgrading my home theater system one of the key questions I had was: will buying a "higher quality" amplifier make a noticeable improvement to sound quality? Sounds like a pretty basic and common question but weeks of google searches, forum visits, and scouring the high-fi websites such as Audioholics, SoundAndVision, and Stereophile, it was surprising to me that nobody seemed to have a simple answer to this question. On one hand, there are a group of audiophiles that believe that spending $5000+ for a boutique brand amplifier from the likes of Krell, McIntosh, Classe etc is justified for the impact to the sound quality, particularly when paired with equivalent level equipment (speakers, processor etc). On the other hand, there are those of the mindset that an amplifier should not and d…