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Could Sony Be Moving To A Two-Tier Console Model Next-Gen?

With all the supposed "leaks" over the last few weeks and Sony announcing the February 20th Playstation meeting teasing "The Future Of Playstation", it seems like 2013 is finally the year that gaming takes the next leap. Anticipation is high and gaming forums are ablaze discussing the alleged specs for the next Xbox (codenamed: Durango) and the next Playstation (codenamed: Orbis). This year represents the 8th year for the Xbox360 and the 7th year for the PS3 which is unusually long compared to past generations lasting ~4-5 years. Most people would expect that the advent of the next generation simultaneously means the decline of the current generation. However, I believe that we will see a fundamentally shift in business strategies from Sony (and likely Microsoft as well) that will go against that trend allowing the older system to continue to thrive long after their successors are released.
     Let's remember a few things. First, Sony is already spreadin…