Movie Ratings & Box Office Earning From

Here are the latest ratings and box office performances from

Theaters-New Releases

95% Ratatouille
77% Live Free or Die Hard
23% Evan Almighty
77% 1408
36% The Fantastic Four:...

Theaters-Opening This Week

61% Transformers
11% License To Wed
83% Rescue Dawn
64% Joshua
64% Introducing The Dwights

Theaters-Coming Soon

86% Harry Potter and the O...
13% Captivity
The Strangers
90% Sunshine
I Now Pronounce You Ch...

It looks like Pixar has once again struck gold with this year's Ratatouille. It's not making a tremendous amount of money, but with reviews that good it's sure to have longevity at the box office. Also, it looks like Transformers isn't horrible after all!


  1. How does Rescue Dawn, the $10 million dollar Werner Herzog directed, Elton Brand (yes, that Elton Brand)produced Vietnam POW movie starring Christian Bale, gross less than $3 million in 4 weeks despite rating an 8.5 on IMDB and an 89% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Summer madness.


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