PS3 Secrets Revealed: The PS3 Harddrive Can be Upgraded to Any Size

Today is more confusing than any other time to be a game console buyer. Since their respective launches, there have been more than 5 different SKUs of the Xbox360 and 4 different SKUs of the PS3. It is annoying, but one of the main criteria that both Sony and Microsoft use to differentiate the SKUs are their HDD sizes. For example, the 360 currently has the Core w/o a HDD, the premium with a 20GB HDD, and the elite with a 120GB HDD. Meanwhile, the PS3 has had a 20GB, 60GB, 40GB, and an 80GB SKU, of which only the 40GB remains on store shelves. So it would seem that the 360 is a better deal since ultimately, it comes with a largest HDD in the 120GB SKU. But there is a fundamental difference between Sony and Microsoft's HDD strategy.

The Xbox360 is a "closed" platform, meaning that only Microsoft designed HDDs built specifically for the Xbox360 can be used in the system. However, the PS3 is an "open" platform meaning (in this context) that the HDD which comes with the system can be swapped out with ANY off-the-shelf 2.5" SATA HDD (the same HDD used in almost all laptops). That's right! So if you feel that 40GB is too small, then you can go to,, best buy, circuit city or wherever and purchase that 500GB HDD you've been dying for. I purchased a 60GB launch PS3 but now have it outfitted with a 230GB HDD!

Now you may be saying, "but wait how much would a HDD larger than say the 120GB HDD in the 360 cost"? Here is where it gets interesting. As a reference, I purchased a Toshiba 230GB HDD online for a mere $100. Why do I say mere? Well compared to the prices on the Xbox360 it is mere. With the 360, you are limited to using only the Microsoft certified HDDs built for the 360. Currently, there are only 2 options: 20GB and 120GB. But how much is Microsoft charging? Are you sitting down? The 20GB HDD off the shelf has an MSRP of....$99!!! The 120GB HDD costs....$179!!! So yes, I got an 230GB HDD for the same price as the 20GB 360 HDD. Remember that Microsoft charges these crazy prices because they know you have no other choice and if you want a harddrive you have to pick 1 of the 2.

So yeah. Advantage Sony on this one. Keep in mind that the HDD swap would easily take less than 10 minutes for an average person to perform. Please read the PS3 manual for instructions on how to perform the swap. The only tool you will need is a small screw driver. Also, make sure you backup whatever data you want to save to an external device (USB drive, Memory stick, external HDD etc) since the new HDD will have to be formatted by the PS3 and all data will be lost. If anyone has any other questions or want more information about this, feel free to let me know.


  1. I see you don't have too much time to blog huh?

  2. No not really. I'll be posting some stuff over the summer. Just trying to get settled for the summer.

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