PS3 Secrets Revealed: Introduction

I will start a new series a post called "Ps3 Secrets Revealed" that primarily serve to educate current and future PS3 owners on some of the neat and unprecedented features present in the hardware that they may not know about. The PS3 is easily the most complicated piece of gaming hardware ever released and the amount of things that it can do is staggering. Sony has done a poor job promoting and educating many on its features primarily because there are just too many to manage and discuss. So, that's what I'm here for.

In case you're wondering, No I am not doing this feature because I'm just some biased ignorant Sony lover that wants to brag about the PS3. I can say that I've owned all three of the current generation hardware and currently still own a PS3 and Wii. I waited in the rain for 5 hours on a work day to get a Xbox360 only to be denied! I then purchased it off of ebay for over $200 above the MSRP. Not to mention I thought the PS2 hardware was horrible overall. So, no i'm no fanboy. I'm just a fan of all gaming.

The reasons I'm doing this now for the PS3 are:
  1. Education of the PS3 hardware is an ongoing challenge. The PS3 is complicated and there are so many features and options that most consumers will never even realize what the system can do.
  2. I actually own a PS3 and am familiar with most (if not all) of its many secrets
  3. It is indeed my personal opinion that the PS3 is the best piece of gaming hardware ever released and I think it is cool to share why I think that to be the case. Just my thoughts.
Hopefully, some of you will find the information helpful and interesting!


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