E3 2012: Let the games begin

What's up people. Sorry for the extended absence, but if it one thing that could bring me back, it's E3. The largest show in the gaming industry filled with news, games, and interesting people. This will be my first year actually attending the show and I'm excited. Will anything be shown for the next-gen consoles that we all know are coming? Who will win the battle of the press conferences: Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo? What games will surprise people? How will the Wii U impact the future of gaming? What does Microsoft have to maintain it's dominance in the US? Will Sony be able to save the PS Vita and spur sales? These and many other questions will be answered over the next few days.

I'll be using the blog to document my experience and thoughts for each day. So keep an eye out and I'll see you at E3!


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